Yesterday across Britain there were local elections, where the Liberal Democrats were the surprise winners, as the public rallied against the Tories and Labour's Brexit policies.

This will leave the two main parties licking their wounds this morning but it was not for the want of trying as Boris Johnson did his bit, encouraging supporters to vote just like he had done.

Johnson declared in a tweet that he voted Conservative in the local elections before deleting the post. Unfortunately for the former foreign secretary, what goes on the internet tends to stay on the internet.

The website Politwoops captures and saves all tweets that are deleted by members of parliament and sure enough, Johnson's now infamous tweet is now on that very website.

Picture: Politwoops

This complete gaffe from Johnson was picked up by comedy writer and Twitter maestro James Felton and the Tory leader hopeful soon found himself being completely and utterly roasted.


Thanks to a tweet from The Times political correspondent, Henry Zeffman, it has since emerged that Johnson did vote in the South Oxfordshire election, which is where he lives.

It still poses the question as to why Johnson deleted the tweet but as Zeffman suggests it may be because it's not great optics for the MP of Uxbridge and South Ruislip to admit that he doesn't live in his constituency.

Indy100 has contacted Boris Johnson for comment.

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