Boris Johnson’s trip to Luxembourg isn’t going quite as well as he might hope.

The prime minister has cancelled a planned press conference after being booed and heckled with chants of “bog off Boris”, as this video posted to Twitter shows.

Following a meeting with Jean-Claude Juncker, Johnson ducked out of his press conference and left an empty podium, which sparked even more jokes about his visit. The picture shows Xavier Bettel conducting a press conference next to the space where Johnson was meant to stand, which looks...pretty ridiculous.

Bettel, discussing Johnson’s decision to suspend parliament, also said: “This wouldn't happen in Luxembourg.“ he also took aim at Johnson’s earlier comment comparing the UK “breaking free” of the EU to the Hulk. Bettel said it is, “too serious a matter to speak about actors and a script”.

Other heckles by pro-EU protestors included, “go home Boris” and “stop Brexit”.

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