Revealed: The secret plan to get thousands to chant 'OK boomer' at Boris Johnson when – sorry, IF – he wins the election

Joanna Taylor
Tuesday 03 December 2019 13:45

Thousands of people have RSVPed to a Facebook event calling for "mass chanting of 'OK boomer' at Boris every time he speaks".

Few further details about the event are known beyond the crucial "Boris is such a b00mer lulz".

Chanting in Westminster is planned for the morning of election day, which is weird given we won't technically know if Boris Johnson will continue to holding the keys to number 10 for another five years until the following day. But it's kind of so good it doesn't matter.

Since it was posted just two days ago, more than 6,400 people have already suggested they'll attend the event in Westminster, and it's growing by the minute.

It's the brainchild of a 24-year-old student who wishes to remain anonymous "over fears of deportation if the far right come into power" – which seems totally reasonable.

Speaking exclusively to indy100, they said:

Everything [Boris Johnson] says just makes you want to say 'OK boomer', you know?

We do.

Like when he says 'get Brexit done'. Or when the party is trying to be down with the kids with some 'Boriswave', we were just like... 'OK boomer, try again'.

A Johnson government is a popular prospect with more than half of Britain's actual baby boomers, but only one in five millennials and Gen-Zers.

"OK boomer" is the ultimate response to basically anyone older than the listener who says or does something ridiculous. That it really annoys boomers is incidentally wonderful.

At 55, Boris Johnson only qualifies as a boomer by a year. Jeremy Corbyn is on the other end of the boomer bracket, failing to escape the label by just two years.

But while Corbyn has been endorsed by stars like Dua Lipa and Stormzy, Johnson's boomer energy and fanbase is undeniable.

Presumably the chant will only go ahead if the Conservatives win the election although to be honest, it feels appropriate either way.

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