The Tories general election campaign has been so tumultuous it's almost beyond parody - and one man is continuing to pile on the misery.

Josh Berry is a stand-up comedian and impressionist who has become a viral hit thanks to his takes on Tory politicians, in particular.

Here is a compilation of a variety of his impressions including Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Theresa May.

In the wake of more recent stories, such as Michael Gove attempting to mock Stormzy for having an opinion on politics and Boris Johnson trying to avoid a BBC interview with Andrew Neil, Berry has adopted the role of a PR expert advising Tory ministers on what they should do to answer their critics.

On Wednesday, a day after the Gove and Stormzy uproar, Berry took the guise of an adviser to the Brexiteer to tweet "I set trends, dem man copy."

Next up was him advising Johnson on what to do about the Andrew Neil situation.

Both clips have now gone viral, amassing well more than 700,000 views combined and needless to say, people love them.

In case you enjoyed Berry's fine work, you can support him further by either following him on social media, listening to his podcast or seeing one of his gigs.

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