Boris Johnson was, by most accounts, absolutely slaughtered by the leader of the opposition Keir Starmer.

First, he was essentially called out for not even bothering to mention the death of George Floyd, which has sparked protests against police brutality across the globe.

Then when he just glossed over it, SNP MP Ian Blackford brought it up yet again, forcing Johnson to address it. His refusal to condemn Trump didn't go unnoticed, and neither did his assertion that he was "very proud" of the UK's coronavirus response.

Anyway, despite his appalling show, people still had a curious theory about his performance... many people zoomed in on the prime minister's ear and pondered whether we'd missed something. Something like... a direct line to his disgraced adviser Dominic Cummings.

People pointed out that if he had help, it really wasn't a great one...

Even Labour MPs started following suit.

Such was the chat about Boris Johnson's strange ear situation, that his office was forced to comment.

A spokesperson told the Daily Mail: "It is fair to say the Prime Minister was not wearing an earpiece."

People have concluded this may all be an awkward misunderstanding... without with to ear-shame anyone, the pictures do make his look a little unusual, but perhaps it was just the camera angle.

If they tell us his ear has always looked like that, we'll take their word for it.

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