Only 27 per cent of people living in the UK believe Boris Johnson is an ‘honest person’, according to a new poll.


The latest Ipsos MORI poll asked a series of questions about both Johnson and opposition leader, Keir Starmer.

The PM scored the best in personality, with 64 per cent of respondents saying he has one, while 27 per cent believe he does not. The remaining were unsure.

But Johnson scored the worst when it came to honesty – 27 per cent of Brits believe he’s an honest person, while a staggering 49 per cent believe he’s not.

Starmer leads over Johnson when it comes to honesty (33 per cent), paying attention to detail (41 per cent) and being in touch with ordinary people (34 per cent).

But twice as many Brits believe Johnson (64 per cent) has more of a personality than Starmer (30 per cent).

People had a lot of thoughts on the figures:

These figures come about after Boris Johnson defended his advisor Dominic Cummings from criticism he broke the lockdown laws by travelling 260 miles to stay in his family’s County Durham home, despite having symptoms.

While both Johnson and Cummings maintained he didn’t break any laws, many people believed he broke “the spirit” of the lockdown.

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