Boris Johnson ridiculed for posing doing a 'press-up' to prove he's 'fit as a butchers dog'

Imagine you were the prime minister of a country which still in the throes of a pandemic, with an average of at least 100 deaths a day and a total of over 40,000.

Imagine you had the highest death toll in the continent, and decided to reopen the country, to the bewilderment of experts, and were actively encouraging people to go back to work, reduce their social distance, and frequent pubs despite warnings of a second peak hitting.

Now imagine that as this very world leader, you're asked to be on the cover of a Sunday newspaper. The second most read Sunday newspaper in the country, in fact.

How would you choose to be photographed for the front page? In an act of statesmanship? Looking powerful an in control?

Or... jacket off, face to the ground, proving you can do a press-up?

Because the latter is what Boris Johnson went for. Yep, really.

The front page of The Mail on Sunday today shows Johnson "proving" he is "fit as a butcher's dog" and "full of beans" by doing what appears to be a single press-up.

All this to announce a "massive revival plan" for the UK economy. Seems perfectly appropriate...

Needless to say, people were amused and horrified in equal measures.

Many wondered whether the photographic evidence can really be taken at face value.

People saw clear comparisons to other despised figures.

Some were concerned it betrayed a somewhat darker undertone.

And of course there were a few NSFW jokes...

Anyway, now that the imaged it etched onto your brain forever, we'll stop subjecting you to it.

Suffice to say that there are many many more and #BorisJohnsonMustGo is trending on Twitter. Again.

Maybe this time it'll stick.

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