If Boris Johnson thought addressing the nation on Sunday evening to tell us to get our booster jabs would make the country move on from Christmas Party Gate, he was sorely mistaken as yesterday the Mirror substantiated some of the allegations when they published photos of one of the... raves.

The publication say 24 people attended a party organised by Shaun Bailey’s mayoral campaign which took place on 14 December, was attended by Tory donor Nick Candy as well as a number of aides, and took place hours after it was announced London would soon be moving from the not fun tier 2 to the even less fun tier 3.

Last week, a Tory spokesman admitted the party took place and told the Times: “Senior CCHQ (Conservative Campaign Headquarters) staff became aware of an unauthorised social gathering in the basement of Matthew Parker Street organised by the Bailey campaign on the evening of December 14.

“Formal disciplinary action was taken against the four CCHQ staff who were seconded to the Bailey campaign.”

For those who would have cried “pics or it didn’t happen”, there are now pics and, because of them, Bailey has reportedly resigned as chair of the London Assembly police and crime committee. He has also apologised “unreservedly” for attending the “gathering”, adding: “I gave a speech to my team to thank them for their efforts, before leaving shortly afterwards.

“It was a serious error of judgement at a time when Londoners were making immense sacrifices to keep us all safe and I regret it wholeheartedly.”

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Yes, they really risked it all for that party and for what? For FUN? For festivity? For mozzarella balls?

Did they even have fun? We’re not so sure – but we’ve calculated just how much fun there really was at that “party”.

Christmas jumper man

Matey on the bottom left is absolutely fuming. Hours before the party started he probably texted his chums at Bailey HQ who promised him “yes, we’re all going in Christmas jumpers and Santa hats, honestly” only to turn up and realise he had been absolutely shafted by a group of staff that the smart casual section of Next has in a chokehold. That’s politics for you.

Nick Candy

Candy (the man in a grey jacket raising a glass) is having a laugh but hasn’t realised no-one wants him and his silly little waistcoat there and are only being nice to him because he’s a big Tory donor.


Woman clutching sheets of paper

She’s had a fight with her friend on her right – look at the way she’s almost pinching his shoulder. She’s raging, something hasn’t gone to plan, the schedule is off, the canapes were meant to arrive two hours earlier and no-one wants to join her in a festive sing-song.

She printed off the lyrics and everything!

Reclining man with braces

The bloke on the bottom row leaning into an incredibly physically awkward pose couldn’t want to be anywhere less if he tried.

He wanted to do a silly goofy pose but he didn’t realise how many pics the camera person needed to take and now he’s in absolute agony. But he has to maintain his festive spirit. So, he brandishes his wine glass up with pride - alcohol! Cool!

Man behind Bailey

Someone’s not even trying to pretend he’s having fun. Perhaps he was having thoughts about defecting to Labour?

Shaun Bailey

At least someone had a laugh. Bailey is really grinning away with his team around him, probably because no-one would ever tell their boss their party is s***.

A few days later he sent a bossy tweet about cancelling Christmas plans to comply with the rules.

The food

We need to talk about the food because - as deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner decried - they even got catering in.

Even indy100’s team of sleuths were unable to come to a consensus about what munch was exactly on offer but it didn’t exactly make us hungry.

Mini quiches? Maybe some mozzarella things? Covered metal trays with who knows what inside? It’s giving us 1970s dinner party.

Everyone else

Everyone else looks pretty awkward. Fixed grins. Stiff stances. Maybe they knew that they were doing something wrong and someone was creating photographic evidence of said wrong thing before their very eyes.

Say cheese!

Yes, they really risked it all. For that.

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