Boris Johnson just said sorry for 'misspeaking' and now people want apologies for all these things
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Boris Johnson has apologised for misspeaking after inaccurately saying that people in the North East can meet inside in groups of six.

When answering a question on coronavirus restrictions, the prime minister mentioned the rule of six instead of households not mixing.

This is a misunderstanding of the current rules. In the North East, new regulations mean that people cannot mix with other households in indoor settings, such as pubs, restaurants and in homes.

Additional advice, coming into effect on Wednesday, urges people in the North East not to mix households outdoors either.

The mistake prompted the prime minister to tweet an apology for misspeaking.

In response to Johnson’s apology, people began asking the prime minister for additional apologies for a range of other things.

Some people had a full list of demands.

Others requested an apology just for a single thing.

Many people, including some MPs, were dissatisfied with the apology.

We strongly suspect the prime minister will be brushing up on the coronavirus restrictions before PMQs tomorrow.

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