Footage resurfaces of Boris Johnson admitting that he is a 'blithering idiot'

Since Boris Johnson became prime minister, which is astonishingly less than a year ago, he has done his best to try and present himself as a statesmanlike figure but not exactly covering himself in glory.

From Brexit to coronavirus and beyond, there's no shortage of people who'd argue that Boris Johnson is blithering idiot who has somehow managed to ascend to the highest office in the land. But you'd assume he wouldn't agree, right?

Well, maybe not.

Although he still likes to play up to the comedic like character which he crafted for himself every now and again when he was mayor of London he really loved to act like the class clown. Before he was even the mayor, you could see the cogs turning as Johnson assembled his final form.

In a resurfaced clip from 2003 shared by comedian Josh Berry, Johnson took part in an interview on Top Gear where he spoke to Jeremy Clarkson as part of the shows 'star in a reasonably priced car' segment, where he achieved a respectable lap of one minute, 56 seconds.

His time is beside the point as during the interview it should have given us all a grave warning as to what was to come. Clarkson asks:

Most politicians, as far as I can work out are pretty incompetent and then have a veneer of competence. You seem to do it the other way around.

The audience chuckled at this remark and Johnson, rather than rebuke the remark, fully embraced it.

Yes. You can't rule out the possibility that beneath the elaborately constructed veneer of a blithering idiot lurks a blithering idiot.

Those are his words, not ours. In another clip that Berry shared, Johnson said that he would often give the impression that he would pretend to not know what is going on because he probably didn't know what was actually going on.

Incidentally, Clarkson campaigned for remain during the 2016 Referendum and was very critical of Leave voters once it was confirmed that the UK would be leaving the EU so his joking remark all those years ago, might have come from a very real place.

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