Brexit: Jeremy Clarkson brands Leave voters 'coffin dodging idiots' and criticises young people for not voting

The former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has unleashed a savage critique on Brexiteers and youngsters who didn't vote in the 2016 EU referendum.

In an interview with LBC's showbiz reporter, Faye Lyons White, the 58-year-old, who was part of the Remain campaign three years ago, gave his frank and honest opinion on those that voted to Leave the EU.

In the wake of brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, Ford and Honda announcing that they are cutting jobs and pausing production amid concern about Brexit, Clarkson was asked if he is concerned for the British car manufacturing industry post-March 29th.

Clarkson didn't hold back in his response, stating:

Those coffin-dodging idiots who voted for Brexit have just screwed it all up.

Alright, we may lose a car or two but think how many thousands of people are going to have their livelihoods absolutely ruined by car firms understandably moving their factories to Slovakia and wherever else.

The Grand Tour star is then asked if he is worried about the future of Britain to which he says "of course" before laying into young people, specifically those under 25 for not voting in the referendum.

Of course, there’s nobody in Britain today who isn’t worried.

I’ve got three children in their early 20s and you look at their life and think ‘why did you not get up and vote?'

None of them did, nobody under 25 got up and voted otherwise we’d be Remaining!

Mr Clarkson's statement here is a little misguided as during the 2016 referendum the turnout for 18-24-year-olds was almost double the initial figure that was first forecast, with 64 per cent of young people who were registered did vote.


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