With Theresa May set to step down as prime minister next month, Boris Johnson has emerged as the lead contender to replace her in the role and as Tory leader.

Johnson announced his intention to run for the position last week and it was mostly met with groans of discontent and ridicule from people aghast at the thought of seeing him in Number 10.

Yet, as it stands he probably is the most prominent MP to declare his interest in the job and appears to be popular with Tory party members, despite him on occasion acting against the party's values.

With this in mind, LBC Radio James O'Brien host asked his listeners who support Johnson to ring in and tell him one Tory value that he represents, which was probably a bigger task than what he had anticipated.

A woman named Angela from Worcester, valiantly decided to take on the challenge but even she, as a Boris supporter struggled to name even one value that she thought the MP held up.

Laughing, she said:

I don't know that I can. Does it matter anymore that anyone represents a value?

I think it's more to do with who is the best person that can get the party's message across.

For some reason, you will take notice when he's talking.

I'm not defending him but I think society in general - people are divorcing, people cheat.

I don't think it's something that people consider when they are voting for someone.

O'Brien responded:

They pretend to care when someone that they already don't like does it.

That's true left, right and centre because you pretend to care about certain types of behaviour when someone you don't like does and when someone you do like does it, you just look the other way and hope that nobody notices. 


I suppose that is true but I don't know if you want to say that is defending someone but if you want to pull him up on things, focus on the work.

O'Brien answered this by naming the many, many projects that Johnson has invested in or given the green light to, such as the garden bridge that are now considered to be failures.

Angela then claimed that small businesses would be in support of Johnson but O'Brien highlighted the now infamous 'f**k business' line which he reportedly said in June 2018.

Angela admitted that she wasn't aware of that quote but O'Brien gave her one last chance to name a single Tory value that Johnson represented but Angela conceded defeat but all in good spirit.

You can watch the full video in the exchange below.


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