Casetteboy has taken on Boris Johnson's leadership bid and it’s hilarious

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Yesterday, Boris Johnson announced that he would be entering a leadership bid when Theresa May steps down as prime minister, and it goes without saying that the responses were savage.

One such riposte came from the now notorious electronic music and comedy duo Cassetteboy, who compiled a hilarious parody video that soon went viral when it was shared to Twitter.

Be warned, it's not very... polite about the Tory MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

In a tweet, they wrote:

New! Boris Johnson's Leadership Bid

We won't spell out everything they say in the video, however, it opens with the lines:

When we think about the leadership of the Conservative party, the question that we've got to ask ourselves: is who is the biggest w*****? 

Which is a word I sometimes hear. 

Is it me? 

Yes. Er, I'm certainly, one of those. 

It then continues on that jokey trajectory, taking it to its... logical conclusion.

Needless to say, people on Twitter loved the video.

Theresa May has agreed to set a timetable for her departure as prime minister in the first week of June, which MPs believe means she will trigger a leadership contest before the summer, reports the Guardian.

Announcing his bid yesterday while addressing insurance brokers at a conference in Manchester, he said:

I’m going to go for it. Of course I’m going to go for it.

I don’t think that is any particular secret to anybody. But you know, there is no vacancy at present.

He also expressed his wish to 'get Brexit done', adding:

We’ve failed over the past three years to put forward a convincing narrative about how we exploit the opportunities of Brexit.

All I can say, as tactfully and usefully as I can, is that I have a boundless appetite to try to get it right, and to help the country to get on the right path.

Well, that would be great, wouldn't it?

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