On Thursday, Conservative MP Boris Johnson announced his plans to run for the leadership of the Conservative party once Theresa May steps down as prime minister.

The former foreign secretary and chief Brexiteer told BBC presenter Huw Edwards that "of course I'm going to go for it" when asked about his interest in the position during an on-stage interview at an insurance conference in Manchester.

This news is unlikely to surprise anyone as Johnson had long held leadership ambitions, but decided to hightail it and run after the 2016 EU referendum after his mate Michael Gove decided that he wasn't interested in the job either.

Johnson is likely to be a frontrunner in the race for the Tory leadership, with other contenders being touted as the aforementioned Gove as well as Amber Rudd, Sajid Javid, Dominic Raab, Jeremy Hunt and Liz Truss.

May is reportedly set to step down after the fourth vote on her Brexit withdrawal agreement is brought to the Commons during the first week of June, which coincides with the state visit of Donald Trump.

Given that Johnson isn't the most popular politician to hold a seat in parliament at the moment, reactions to this announcement have been less than kind.

Scotland isn't impressed either.

Even his own sister isn't keen on him.

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