An old tweet by Boris Johnson calling Ed Miliband a "cowardly custard" has aged very, very badly.

The tweet, which was posted in 2015, was brought up again by The Times columnist Matt Chorley, who wrote alongside it:

Come on then Johnson, tell us what you would do you cowardly custard.

The resurfaced tweet has been deemed ironic, considering Johnson's evasion from Conservative leadership debates.

The former mayor of London and foreign secretary was challenged by Jeremy Hunt today, who accused him of "cowardice" over his decision to not debate him head to head on Sky News.

Speaking to Sky News, Hunt said:

Well, I’m saying that it is cowardice, frankly, not to appear in head to head debates against me.

I’ll be turning up. It’s very, very, important that in the next two weeks – which are the only period that Conservative Party members will have to see us head to head before they actually get their postal ballots – that they have a chance to hear both of us answer difficult questions and you can’t become prime minister without answering questions about the decisions that you’re going to have to take, almost immediately you get through the door of Number 10.

It remains to be seen, whether or not Boris will succumb to the pressure. For now, he's probably feeling like this:

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