Saturday 1 August marked 'Yorkshire Day' in the UK, which promotes the rich history of the northern county.

Both Keir Starmer and Boris Johnson posted messages marking the occasion recalling the culture of Yorkshire and their own personal connection to the county.

Starmer, the Labour Party leader posted a short message remembering his time as a student in Leeds.

Whereas Johnson eulogised about some of the great contributions that Yorkshire has given to the world, such as Yorkshire Tea, Yorkshire Dales and friendly people.

Although both men received critical comments, Johnson was specifically reminded of one of the last times he was in Yorkshire. Back in September, just a few months into his reign as prime minister, he was in the town of Morley, just outside of Leeds.

While meeting members of the public he was greeted by a man who very politely asked him to "please leave my town." Even when they are heckling, Yorkshire people can't help but be friendly.

After Johnson, posted his message he was reminded by a few people about this moment, which may or may not be indicative of how Yorkshire feels about the PM.

There were perhaps a few others reasons why some folks in Yorkshire aren't so fond of Johnson.

That being said, as of the last election the Conservatives do hold 26 of the 54 parliamentary seats in Yorkshire, with the other 28 going to Labour so although he's not quite on top in 'God's Own Country' a few folks clearly like him.

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