It's official, big bosses 'don't deserve' big bonuses


News just in: the sky is blue, Brexit means Brexit, and fat cat bosses don’t deserve their bulging bonuses and skyrocketing salaries.

We live in unequal times. One in every eight workers in the UK are living in poverty, according to research. This is partly driven by low wages, high rent prices, and benefit cuts.

While this is happening, it appears to even the untrained eye, that the rich are getting richer and CEO's bonuses are doing anything but shrinking.

But now it's official. New research has found that:

  • The average pay for chief executives at the UK’s 350 companies was £ 1.5m in 2014, which is a rise of 82 per cent in 11 years
  • The same companies generated little profit: The average firm made less than a one percent economic return on investment,

The report by CFA UK states that the relationship between CEO pay and the value a firm creates is “weak”, and called the widespread absence of value-based pay for CEO’s “surprising”.

'Surprising' is the right word for it, seeing as the UK’s top bosses earned more money by the first Tuesday of 2016 than the typical worker will make all year.

And it's even more of a shock considering that the High Pay Centre found that the average wage of big bosses’ wages is 150 times that of the people working for them.

Guess what? The world isn't shocked:

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