Brazilian woman gives birth to huge 16-pound baby boy

Brazilian woman gives birth to huge 16-pound baby boy
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A mum in Brazil is currently recuperating after giving birth to a massive 16-pound baby boy.

On 18 January, 27-year-old Cleidiane Santos dos Santos gave birth to her son Angerson at Hospital Padre Colombo in Parintins, Amazonas State, as reported by O Globo.

The baby was delivered by cesarian section and was around two feet long.

According to State Health Secretariat (SES-AM), Angerson is reportedly the largest baby born in the state.

Dr Artemisia Pessoa, who is an OBGYN at Hospital Padre Colombo, told O Globo that Angerson is being watched in the neonatal intensive care unit, noting that it was a "rare" and "risky" delivery given the baby's size.

Pessoa also said they have an immense amount of "joy" for how things worked out in the delivery process.

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Santos dos Santos also praised medical personnel for the care and attention she and Angerson are receiving.

"I don't know what would have become of me," she said before sharing her gratitude to "each one of them."

In a post shared on the hospital's official Facebook page, Angerson is "doing well" and is breastfeeding.

O Globo further noted that Santos dos Santos is the mother of five children, including the infant.

She has a history of giving birth to large babies, including one that weighed close to nine pounds, which is considered big for a newborn.

As stated in Medical News Today, the average weight of a baby who is born between 37-40 weeks can range from five pounds to eight pounds and eight pounds 13 ounces.

However, higher birth weight, which would be eight pounds 13 ounces or more, would tend to get more attention from nurses and doctors after delivery to ensure that all is well with the infant's health, KidsHealth noted.

Santos dos Santos' baby isn't the only infant born with a high birth weight.

In 1955, a baby in Aversa, Italy, became a Guinness World Record for being the heaviest baby to survive infancy, weighing 22 pounds and eight ounces.

And in 2019, The Washington Post reported that Joy Buckley, a mum from New York, gave birth to a baby girl who weighed 15 pounds and five ounces.

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