Even a Brexit Party MEP doubts Boris Johnson can leave the EU without a deal ‘cleanly’

Even a Brexit Party MEP doubts Boris Johnson can leave the EU without a deal ‘cleanly’

Brexit party MEP Annunziata Rees-Mogg has questioned Boris Johnson’s claim that Britain would “easily cope” if it left the European Union without a deal at the end of October.

Rees-Mogg told Rachel Johnson on LBC that the country could thrive - if they aren’t “trapped” by former prime minister Theresa May’s proposed withdrawal agreement.

She said: “He [Boris Johnson] underestimates it when he says we can ‘easily cope.’ I think we can thrive on no-deal. What we can’t thrive with is being trapped in the withdrawal agreement treaty that Mrs May proposed.”

We would end up being trapped by the ECJ, the customs union, so on. That would prevent us from going out and making a success of the country

What would the country do then, if Boris was successful at reaching a solution vis-a-vis the Irish border, and a deal?

“If we leave absolutely cleanly, then what I would have stood for [in a general election] would have been achieved,” Rees-Mogg explained.

But I think there is a real problem in politics with the lack of representation that the people voted in the referendum to leave and the Parliamentarians tried to stop it. 

If we look at the border issue again, the forecasters say it’ll take two to three years to implement the technology that would solve the issues - if we started that three years ago, we’d be there by now and this wouldn’t even be an issue. 

Boris Johnson is attempting to suspend parliament for five weeks in a bid to block MPs from extending Brexit, according to a leaked email.

The prime minister has reportedly asked attorney general Geoffrey Cox if parliament can be shut down from 9 September, The Observer reported.

A spokesperson for No. 10 however, denied the claim, calling it “entirely false.”

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