Jeff Goldblum has reacted to the news that Spider-Man is leaving the MCU and the result is peak Goldblum.

A Variety journalist caught up with the legendary Jurassic Park star and asked if he had any thoughts on the Spider-man news that has dominated the headlines of late, namely that the Sony owned web slinger is due to leave the massively successful Marvel Cinematic Universe which is owned by Disney as both studios have failed to meet a financial agreement on the use of the character.

Somewhat inevitably, Goldbum’s reaction was entirely idiosyncratic.

In the video, which has gone viral, the actor appears incredulous when informed of the news:

This is the first I’ve heard of it. I’m crestfallen. What’s happening? I didn’t know any of this.

These words are sandwiched between some of the more surprising noises you’ll ever hear from Hollywood royalty. Once the situation is explained, Goldblum continues:

I’m not a business person, whatever you say is Greek to me.

There’s then a brief inexplicable snippet of Italian before he concludes:

It’ll all work out, I’m sure. Good luck, they’ll figure it out.

Life finds a way.

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