Jo Swinson dismantles Boris Johnson in just one minute

Jo Swinson dismantles Boris Johnson in just one minute

During her first Liberal Democrats conference since being elected leader, Jo Swinson did not hold back and thoroughly laid into Boris Johnson and his handling of Brexit.

In a speech which described Swinson's commitment to ending knife crime and stopping Brexit, the new leader wasted no time criticising the prime minister.

Lamenting Johnson's behaviour since taking office, Swinson said:

He claims he can negotiate a Brexit deal in a month... I wouldn't hold out much hope, yesterday he couldn't negotiate where to have a press conference.

This references an incident in Luxembourg which saw Johnson skipping a press conference, leaving Luxembourg's PM to continue alone because he allegedly feared being drowned out by booing from nearby protestors.

Next, Swinson took aim at Johnson's personal life, saying:

We all know that commitment has never been Boris Johnson's strong suit...

Finally, she ended on his undemocratic approach to governing.

He prorogued parliament to try to prevent MPs from stopping a no-deal Brexit. He kicked 21 conservative MPs out of the Conservative Party, including the father of the House, Ken Clarke, and Churchill's grandson, Nicolas Soames. All because they dared to stand up to him...

For someone who proclaims to hate socialist dictators, he's doing a pretty good impression of one.


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