The verdict is in and the world thinks Brexit Britain is a good joke

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It's been one year since the UK voted to leave the EU.

As negotiations for Brexit get going between the UK and EU it seems we're off to a great start....

Unsurprisingly, thanks to the somewhat weird political situation the UK is in at the moment, we've become a bit of a laughing stock to outsiders.

Politicians from other countries, voters and cartoonists are just some of those mocking the UK right now.

Here's a little summary of the current shambles.

A Swiss newspaper recently summed it up:

The ones who will suffer most will be the British people, who were lied to by the Brexit campaign during the referendum and betrayed and treated like idiots by elements of their press. After the loss of its empire, the United Kingdom sought a new place in the world. It finally found it, as a strong, awkward and influential part of a larger union: the EU. Now it has given up this place quite needlessly.

Even the EU Council president, Donald Tusk, is mocking us – with our own, greatest musical export.

Boris Johnson was mocked by the German and French foreign ministers for suggesting we could stay in the single market without freedom of movement.

While the government’s Brexit department was teased for tweeting graphs that seemed to show the economic benefits of staying in the EU.

There have also been a whole host of incredible magazine covers over the past 12 months.

Picture:Picture: Charlie Hebdo

But Brits aren’t much that optimistic either. A recent YouGov poll found that only a quarter of people think the government is well prepared for EU negotiations.

To be fair, we've made it very easy for people to mock us:

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