David Davis’s ridiculous Brexiteer arguments just came back to haunt him in the best possible way
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On Monday night, David Davis decided to innocently tweet about the troubles he was having with his mobile phone provider.

Davis, who was previously the Brexit secretary, shared on Twitter than he’d “wasted over six hours on the phone due to spectacularly incompetent customer support” from Vodafone.

To be fair to him, he confessed that this complaint was “ridiculously trivial”.

When he posted it about it, however, he probably wasn’t expecting to be rinsed by a Remainer for a relatively harmless tweet about customer service.

But that’s exactly what happened.

Siobhhan Benita, who was formerly the Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London, responded to the tweet in the most brilliant way.

Referencing his past support of Brexit, Benita poked fun at the MP for his position.

She wrote: “Take back control David. Just tell them you want to leave but you insist on keeping all the benefits.”

She added: “It’ll work a treat.”


Benita might not be running for mayor anymore, but she just won at Twitter instead.

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