Brexiteers are now calling for flying the EU flag to be made illegal


Brexit hasn’t officially happened yet, but some Leavers are already calling for flying the EU flag to be made illegal after 31 January.

The Daily Express , Britain’s chief Eurosceptic newspaper, asked its readers whether or not the activity of flying a European flag after Brexit should be against the law.

A huge 87 per cent of readers think the law should be passed.


Once the topic spilled on to Twitter, some even suggested car license plates with EU flags should be banned too.

But Remainers weren’t impressed by Brexiteers, who often go on (and on) about free speech, trying to make flag waving illegal.

Particularly seeing as the EU flag is actually the European flag, which was adopted by the Council of Europe in 1955. The UK was a founder member of the Council in 1949, and will be remaining as such, so the UK is entitled to fly the flag.

H/T: New European

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