Britain leaving the EU has a few benefits – starting with the fact that we’ll never have to watch a speech by Nigel Farage in the EU parliament ever again.

Farage gave his final address to the Brussels chamber today surrounded by his Brexit Party MEPs. During his speech, he gloated about how popular “populism” is becoming compared to what he calls “globalism”, listing the many things he’s not going to miss about the EU.

No more being talked down to, no more being bullied.

As his speech commenced, he said that Britain loves Europe but “hates” the EU.

Then, in a moment that was history defining and excruciating, Farage and his Brexit Party MEPs started waving tiny British flags.

He said:

I know you want to ban our national flags but we’re going to wave you goodbye.

The group were cut off by the chamber speaker and told to remove their flags as they cheered for Farage.

Please put your flags away, you’re leaving.

The speaker then criticised Farage for using the word “hate” during his speech.

On Twitter, most people were fairly mortified by this undignified exit.

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