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David Lammy is renowned for his passionate defence of Britain remaining in the EU, warning in a speech earlier this year that Brexit is a "deception that will hurt most those people it promised to help".

And this week, the Labour MP for Tottenham hit back at the international trade secretary Liam Fox after he tweeted that trade can continue with Norway and Iceland unchanged after Brexit.

He added that the deal is the "2nd biggest agreement we're rolling over and trade with EEA is worth nearly £30bn".

But Lammy was definitely not impressed with the trade secretary's announcement made just 11 days before the Brexit deadline. In a scathing reply to Fox's tweet, he wrote:

STOP THE PRESS: After Brexit we can continue trading with Iceland (population 338,000), Liechtenstein (population 37,000) and Norway (population 5 million) - all of which are already trading partners.

This changes everything.

Many people on Twitter found Lammy's tweet depressingly hilarious.

While others asked what impressive trade deals Fox will secure next.

Although, there were some who defended Fox.

Here is Lammy's passionate Commons speech in full, denouncing the "fundamental dishonesty" at the heart of Brexit.

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