Brexit: International trade secretary Liam Fox doesn't seem to know what WTO stands for

Greg Evans
Thursday 07 March 2019 13:30
Picture:(Getty Images/Twitter)

Tory MP, Brexiteer and international trade secretary Liam Fox is in Switzerland today to visit the World Trade Organisation, or should that be 'World Trading Organization'.

Should the UK leave the EU without a deal they may seek a trade agreement with the WTO, which would potentially allow goods and products to be exported between the UK, the EU and any other WTO nation.

There is some controversy about the UK aligning itself with the WTO, but at least someone is trying to do something, right?

Unfortunately for Mr Fox, he has seemingly gotten off to a bad start by getting the WTO's name completely the wrong in a now-deleted tweet announcing his arrival in Switzerland.

Picture: Twitter(Twitter)

This is only a minor typo but doesn't set a good precedent for the negotiations.

Needless to say, Twitter noticed this glaring error quite quickly and couldn't help but despair.

Thankfully he has since corrected himself.

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