It was almost inevitable, wasn't it? After months of confusion, worry and absolute pandemonium, the Brexit deadline has been pushed back until October 31.

Yes, that's right the new date that the UK has been granted to leave the European Union is Halloween, a day when everyone dresses up and monsters and ghouls and goes from door to door asking for delicious treats and tricks, which is kinda fitting.

You honestly couldn't write it, could you? We just hope Michael Myers isn't lurking behind a corner on that night, because that would really top things off, wouldn't it?

Anyway, after five hours of talks with EU leaders on Wednesday, Theresa May agreed to a six-month extension for Brexit, which effectively prevents the UK from crashing out without a deal.

The prime minister had wished for a shorter delay but European Council president Donald Tusk welcomed the agreement but encouraged his "British friends" to "not waste this time."

Given that the UK must now take part in European elections in May, or leave with a no-deal on June 1, it's likely to be another bumpy few months for Brexit but at least they've given us a date which is very easy to make jokes about.

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