Brexit: Esther McVey has launched a 'Ladies for Leave' campaign and everyone is making the same point

Brexit: Esther McVey has launched a 'Ladies for Leave' campaign and everyone is making the same point

Tory MP, Brexiteer and former cabinet minister Esther McVey isn't one to stumble over her words and when she wants to make a statement it can often go one way or the other.

Take for instance when she tried to deny that the car manufacturer Nissan wasn't ceasing operations in the UK because of Brexit or when she told teenagers to get summer jobs.

All of those things went really well for her and history is repeating itself after she launched her own female-focused discussion on Brexit called 'Ladies for Leave.'

The campaign, which is in association with the Nigel Farage fronted 'Leave Means Leave,' was launched with a snazzy video on February 26 and features McVey amongst other women declaring why they are backing Brexit.

In the clip, the MP for Tatton says:

Ladies, ever have the feeling that someone is talking about you? Ever feel that someone is talking on your behalf, without your permission? Are your ears burning?

Well, ours are. For too long our voice have been underrepresented. In the run-up to the EU referendum men dominated nearly 75 per cent of TV coverage and 84 per cent of print media coverage.

Even in the House of Commons where about a third of the MPs are women, nearly 90 per cent of the EU withdrawal debate was made by male MPs. Well, Enough is enough!

Today women from all walks of life are coming together to say why they voted to leave. In 2016 around 8 million women voted to leave the EU and amongst all the melee in Parliament, the bickering, the naval gazing and trying to reverse the referendum result, the reasons why people people voted to leave are being lost. 

Well, Ladies for Leave want their reasons to be heard. To talk about the substance and the opportunities for our country.

Whilst McVey and others associated with the campaign would have hoped that the video would have inspired thousands of women to share their passionate thoughts about Brexit and champion a new feminist wave for the divisive topic.

Unfortunately for them, it couldn't have gone more wrong and is now being mercilessly mocked by women on Twitter who quick to lampoon it for using gender as a political tactic and the use of the word 'ladies.'

Others are pointing out that in every age group, more women voted to remain in the EU than those that voted to leave.

Carloe Cadwalladr of The Guardian, who was instrumental in exposing Cambridge Analytica, suggested launching her own campaign 'Bitches Against Brexit Crimes.'

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