Today is a day where it's even harder than ever to tell fake news from real news... Especially, it seems for Leave voters.

The Daily Express, a paper that campaigned for Leave and backed UKIP in the 2015 election, ran a story on its website stating EU transport chiefs want "Brexit negotiators to demand the recall of ALL British vehicle number plates bearing the bloc’s iconic blue and gold flag."

The article says that the European Highways Commission (not a real organisation) insists that the UK's 27 million cars are re-fitted with number plates and flags of the Home nations costing a "staggering" £1 billion.

The paper's readers fell hard.

"Tragically hard" some might say.

I never had one, I'm not EU I'm British

The Eu Caliphate is at Deaths Door and in it's Final Throes !!! [sic]

Bull sh*t we just pop a sticker of the union flag or even better the Georg cross and cost penny's [sic]

Glady pay 35 quid for gb flag on how pathetic eu

Did not Halfords sell English/Scottish/Welsh flaf stickers the correct size to cover the a**e hole of stars?

As well as commenters in a pro-Brexit Facebook group, many also shared their thoughts on Twitter.

Just to clarify - the EU is NOT demanding British number plates to be recalled.

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