These hilarious Brexit Halloween costumes will scare anyone senseless

After Boris Johnson decided to make last Halloween the (subsequently delayed – sorry, flextended) Brexit deadline, 31 October may never be the same again.

Just like 29 March before it, Halloween feels almost irredeemably tarnished by Johnson's plans for it.

Not to mention the fact that half a decade after the referendum was announced, we seem no closer to realistically untangling this mess at all.

But, as they say: if you can't beat 'em, dress up as them! Here are some of our favourite and most ridiculous Brexit-related costumes if you're looking for a last-minute political outfit to spookily social distance in tonight.

1. A red line

Brexit’s red lines – areas of negotiation that cannot be compromised on – have shifted so many times some might say they’ve lost meaning. First it was leaving at the end of March (we didn’t’). Then there were talks about staying in the single market, then freedom of movement…the list is endless and perplexing.

Which is why it's the perfect Halloween costume.

2. Zombie Rees-Mogg​.

Less 28 Days Later, more The Walking Dead. Scary, but dragging its lumbering body slow enough to see him coming.​

3. A sad European.

Sad because Europe will be bereft of all the unique things Britain exports. Like, er... thoughts and feelings?

4. Nigel Farage clutching a 'don't panic' bag because #irony.

This iconic picture was taken in 2015 ahead of the general elections. Ah, nostalgia.

(Peter Macdiarmid/Getty )

5. Theresa May and Merkel in their blue suits.

It's a twin thing.

6. Vampire Boris Johnson.

Skulking creature of the night with a penchant for sucking the life blood of the country of unsuspecting humans. Could be fun.

7. Donald Tusk.

A tan and a frown, and you can use the EU flag as a scarf. Sorted.

8. Gollum/Theresa May.

It combines two of the most popular things of late: the state of the UK and Lord of the Rings.

9. A monkey in a suit.

Good old Banksy coming through with this painting of MPs as primates in the Commons. So good you should ape it.

10. Gammon.

If you know, you know.

Spooky indeed.

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