Brexiteer Iain Duncan Smith claims that polls show that Remainers now want no-deal

Tory MP and Brexiteer Iain Duncan Smith has claimed in an interview that 'the vast majority of British people want to leave the EU even if they voted for Remain'.

Talking to Bloomberg, the former Tory leader and current work and pensions secretary referenced 'polls' on Brexit where he stated that "the majority are happy to go out without a withdrawal agreement".

In polling, it’s quite clear that the vast majority want to get out now even if they voted Remain, just get on with it.

It's very difficult to breakdown but the polling tells us categorically, and it’s the same in my constituency, which is the majority are happy to go out without a withdrawal agreement. That gets the highest score of the lot.

That's because what we've been seeing with the EU in that last few months is really not a nice sight.

It's a group of people that you would think would want to do an arrangement with us and actually stay as friends but in fact spend their whole time slagging their friends in the UK and deliberately making threats.

Well, it doesn't seem to me that's a very good way to behave and I think people in the UK have hardened up in the sense that this is not a very good organisation. I think everyone is happy to be leaving.

It's not obvious what polls the 64-year-old MP was referring to but the most recent YouGov poll on Brexit revealed that 54 per cent of Brits believed that leaving the EU without a deal would be a bad outcome.

On top of that, more than one million people have signed The Independent's petition for a final say on the Brexit deal, so wherever Duncan Smith is getting his information from is perhaps a little misleading.

The clip, which was shared by Bloomberg on Tuesday morning, has been viewed more than one million times and people haven't been that complimentary about Duncan Smith's claims.

Once again folks, just 23 days until Brexit and this is where we are at...

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