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Today, it was announced that the government will be asking permission from the Queen to prorogue parliament in a move that looks set to block MPs from halting a no-deal Brexit.

Johnson said a Queen's speech would take place after the suspension, but it means that the time that MPs have to block a no-deal Brexit on October 31 would be cut.

In a statement about the news, the Speaker of the House John Bercow said that the move was a 'constitutional outrage', adding:

However it is dressed up, it is blindingly obvious that the purpose of [suspending Parliament] now would be to stop [MPs] debating Brexit and performing its duty in shaping a course for the country.

However, some people were left rather bemused after the leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn failed to respond to the news for... a rather extended period of time.

In fact, to make it even more strange, the politician simply had a tweet on his profile referring to the Bolton game that had happened 11 hours previously.

Ah, yes, how very statesmanlike!

It goes without saying that other Twitter users soon picked up on the strange tweet.

However, eventually, the Labour Party's press team must have rustled something together, and they released the below statement:

I am appalled at the recklessness of Johnson’s government, which talks about sovereignty and yet is seeking to suspend parliament to avoid scrutiny of its plans for a reckless No Deal Brexit. This is an outrage and a threat to our democracy.

That is why Labour has been working across Parliament to hold this reckless government to account, and prevent a disastrous No Deal which parliament has already ruled out.

If Johnson has confidence in his plans he should put them to the people in a general election or public vote. 

He even managed a tweet!

Boris Johnson’s attempt to suspend parliament to avoid scrutiny of his plans for a reckless No Deal Brexit is an outrage and a threat to our democracy. Labour will work across Parliament to hold the government to account and prevent a disastrous No Deal.

Oh, Jeremy Corbyn!

HT Labour press team

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