Brexit: John Whittingdale believes there are 'some' people in Europe who will listen to May but can't name any of them

Tory MP John Whittingdale was left a little red-faced on Channel 4 News when discussing Theresa May's attempts to renegotiate with Brussels.

The prime minister is heading back to the Belgian capital to reopen Brexit talks with the EU after parliament gave her the OK to do so on Tuesday.

However, her return to the continent has already been labelled 'crazy' by top Europe politicians, who have made it clear that they aren't willing to make any changes to the proposed deal.

That being said, Whittingdale, the MP for Maldon, believes that there are 'some' people in the EU that believe that Europe should be listening to May again.

Speaking to Channel 4, the 59-year-old was asked if the renegotiations was already a "short-lived project". He replied:

Well, there are others already in Europe who are saying differently that they are, that they believe that they need to listen to the prime minister...

Whittingdale was then cut off and asked to name some of the politicians that have said Theresa May deserves to be heard again, but it didn't go too well.

He replies by saying that there is someone whose name that he can't pronounce, a member of Angela Merkel's cabinet and a Pole.

Sorry... Somebody I can't pronounce is the answer but there's both...

I can try and find out for you [goes to grab something from his coat].

There's a member of Merkel's cabinet and there's a Pole.

He was allowed to continue and concluded by saying:

There are some in Europe, including leading German politicians, who are saying that actually, they do need to listen to Theresa May.

And what Europe has been saying to us consistently is for parliament to show what it wants, that is what happened last night.

Although he may be correct to say that members of the European parliament want to listen to May again, the fact that he couldn't directly name any didn't fill many people with confidence.

HT Channel 4 News

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