Led By Donkeys have struck again, but this time they're highlighting the utter hypocrisy of our prime minister Theresa May, as she attempts to lead the United Kingdom out of the European Union.

The group, who describe themselves as four friends who want to 'highlight the hypocrisy of our politicians on Brexit' in their own words, uses ladders, roller brushes, and damning statements from our leaders, by pasting their biggest lies onto posters across the country.

Now, they've brought their campaign to Weymouth, Dorset, with a brilliant new billboard in Abbotsbury Road.

The billboard features Mrs May's Twitter profile, with a quote from one of her speeches, reading:

I believe it is clearly in our national interest to remain a member of the European Union.​

Well, that's awkward, isn't it? Considering the last two years of her premiership have been dedicated to doing the exact opposite.

Speaking to the Dorset Echo about the billboard, Led By Donkeys commented:

We want our billboards to highlight to the people of Dorset the fantasies we were all told by the politicians who persuaded Britain to vote leave.

We’re using the politician’s own words against them and letting people make up their own minds.

This isn't the only poster they've put up in Dorset of late. They've also usefully reminded Arron Banks, one of the key people to fund the Vote Leave campaign, of another contradictory Brexit statement.

In one tweet, they shared Remainer group Leave.EU's statement :

They said businesses would flee if we voted leave, but instead we're seeing great British innovators such as Dyson investing in the UK's future!

Alongside it, they shared the BBC's 2019 tweet:

Dyson announces it is moving its UK head office to Singapore.

When they shared it, they said:

Hi @Arron_banks, we're letting the people of Christchurch in Dorset know you and your outfit are reckless fools

Led By Donkeys have so far raised nearly the whole of their £300,000 target, which they want to put towards legitimately paid for billboards.

They've already put up over 250 billboards, and have gained an active online following.

HT Dorset Echo

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