As Brexit approaches, political tensions in the UK are rising to unprecedented levels.

With protesters on either side taking to the streets, there is little sign that the division of the last few years is going to heal any time soon.

The latest protest video to emerge, on the day Britain was originally supposed to leave the EU before agreeing an extension, shows a protester carrying what appears to be effigies of several politicians.

Writer and Independent contributor James Felton tweeted the clip, which he alleges shows "people dragging effigies of Sadiq Khan and Theresa May around by their necks".

People were horrified by the violent inference of the clip, particularly seeing as MP Jo Cox was murdered during the 2016 referendum campaign and MPs have recently received death threats.

Disagreement is fine, but with footage like this emerging it's clear something has gone very wrong in British democracy. It is unclear exactly what the man's political views were, though the video emerged on the same day as pro-Brexit protesters gathered in London.

Twitter users expressed dismay and anger.

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