As we can probably can all tell by now, Brexit did not happen on Halloween. Despite Boris Johnson’s insistence of “do or die”, we did neither.

Anti-Brexit activist group Led By Donkeys took to the streets to mock the Tory party with videos of their own MPs, calling yesterday "Not Brexit Day".

They hired a mobile billboard van to broadcast clips of the prime minister reading out his pledge over loudspeaker. The videos include clips of Boris Johnson’s insistence that we would be leaving the EU.

Additionally, it includes clips of Tory MP Mark Francois insisting that Johnson would get us out of the EU on October 31st and explaining why he backed Johnson.

He says in the clip:

I looked him in the eye, I've known him 20 years, and said, 'Boris if you become prime minister, do you give me your word we'll leave on the 31st of October, come hell or high water,' and he said, 'look, we've got to leave, otherwise the Tory Party are finished. We're leaving,' that's what swung it for me.

The videos highlight the hypocrisy and lies of Johnson’s campaign, and must have proved to be pretty embarrassing reminders for the Tory party, which must have made for excruciating listening for those inside the HQ.

Needless to say, fans of the activists loved their latest protest.

HT New European

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