How the internet reacted to another night of Brexit chaos after Andrea Leadsom’s resignation

How the internet reacted to another night of Brexit chaos after Andrea Leadsom’s resignation

Politics has been pretty unstable in the UK for about three years now and judging by the scenes in Westminster last night it shows no signs of letting up soon.

It all started when Tory MPs appeared to turn on Theresa May over her proposal to bring back an amended withdrawal bill, that will feature an option of a second referendum, which proved to be unpopular with many in her party.

A cabinet meeting on Wednesday reportedly went very badly and come six o'clock ministers looked set to oust May as their leader and as prime minister, instigating a race to become the new head of the Conservatives, just a day before the European elections.

Reports suggest that sight outside of the doors of the 1922 executive meeting was something resembling the Battle of Helms Deep.

Without really knowing what was going on, the Twitter hashtag #TheresaMayResign started trending with many waiting with bated breath to see what would actually go down. Oh, and there were a few jokes too.

All of this was coinciding with Nigel Farage being barricaded on his Brexit Party bus thanks to an angry bunch of protestors armed with milkshakes, which made for an amusing pair of headlines.

After the Tories were let into the room it soon transpired that May wasn't resigning at all and would cling on to power with the results of the European elections dependent on her future, with Sir Graham Brady confirming that a meeting would be held with the PM on Friday.

By this point it was clear that the jig was up for May and it really hit home with Andrea Leadsom, the Leader of the House of Commons resigned over the current Brexit situation, announcing that she couldn't support a Bill that she 'fundamentally opposed.'

As a chief Brexiteer and a former opponent of May's for Tory leadership, Leadsom's dramatic departure was hardly caused an outpouring of emotions and anguish.

This left May on very, very thin ice at the Tory summit, with the 1922 committee reportedly voting on whether they should change the leadership rules, the results of which will be revealed on Friday if she refuses to call it a day.

Given that these are likely to be the final days of May's premiership people began to reflect on her legacy and speculate what she could possibly do to restore her reputation.

At this stage who knows what is going to happen next but there will be a few people in Westminster this morning salivating at the prospect of becoming the next prime minister.

While we are here, there is no time like the present to remind you of this tweet.

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