Anti-Brexit activists have redesigned Farage's infamous 'breaking point' poster to include Brexiteers

Greg Evans
Thursday 07 March 2019 12:30
Picture:(Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

For the last several months, the anti-Brexit activist group Led By Donkeys have been using politicians' own words against them.

Billboards featuring 'tweets' of contradictory statements on Brexit and leaving the EU have been spotted up and down the country and beyond.

The likes of Theresa May, David Davis, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Arron Banks and even Jeremy Corbyn have featured in the billboards, which have proven very popular with those opposed to Brexit.

Now, the group are actually mocking an infamous UKIP poster that Nigel Farage was pictured in front of during the 2016 EU referendum, which claimed that - because on an alleged influx of migrants - the UK was at 'breaking point.'

Picture: Jack Taylor/Getty Images(Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

The notorious poster was heavily criticised at the time and was compared to the Nazi propaganda of the 1930s.

Led By Donkeys have taken the basic format of the poster but, rather than include migrants, they have replaced them with Brexiteers and MPs.

Featuring the likes of Boris Johnson, Dominic Raab, Iain Duncan Smith, Michael Gove and even Farage (holding up his original image) the new take on the poster reads.


The Brexit elites have failed us all

The UK is being swamped by a tide of incompetents

On top of that, the activists also hired the exact same van that Farage's poster was driven around on.

Led By Donkeys have also shared a statement on what inspired them to create the redesigned poster.

By taking the exact same ad van that Nigel Farage used to launch his foul poster in 2016 and replacing it with our own version, we hope to go a little way towards cleansing our country of that noxious moment.

It's not desperate people fleeing war who have brought our country to the brink. It's not refugees who are threatening our access to cancer drugs, closing our factories and crashing our currency. 

Children seeking asylum aren't responsible for a policy that could see Britain suffering food shortages. All of that is on Farage and his hard right Brexit allies.

His original Breaking Point poster was a nasty piece of bullying vilification that targeted the vulnerable. Now we're putting the real threat to our country in the spotlight - Farage and his hard-right fellow travellers.

The new poster, which was unveiled on Thursday morning in Smith Square in Westminster, has already attracted a lot of support.

There were even a few little surprises within the poster for those with eagle eyes.

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