Brexit Party candidate wants to ask Nigel Farage for a refund after being forced to stand down

Nigel Farage's decision to pull more than 300 candidates from Tory held seats in the general election, sent shock waves across the UK on Monday.

While those opposed to Brexit and the current government might fear the implications of this odd alliance between Farage and Boris Johnson, one group, more than any other seemed surprised by this decision: the Brexit Party members that aren't Nigel Farage.

The candidates who had been due to stand in those seats are now furious that Farage has made them stand down, a decision which has apparently been made to get a 'Brexit majority' in the Commons.

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A former candidate named Tim McCulloch who was seeking election in Pendle, Lancashire, contacted James O'Brien's LBC Radio show to vent his frustration.

He told O'Brien:

It appears that I've been stood down without actually having any advanced notice.

I feel sympathy for the Brexit supporters in my constituency who have been inundating me with phone calls and emails in the last hour with fury that they have been denied the opportunity to vote out our incumbent Tory MP who is only clinging on to a very small majority.

O'Brien expressed his sympathy for the now-former candidate but was curious to learn if he would be requesting a refund for the fee he paid to be considered a candidate.

To become a Brexit Party candidate you have to pay £100 and that is only to be considered for election. O'Brien asked him:

There's 3,000 of you I think [who paid £100 to be considered as a candidate].

You were one of the very few to not only get through the process but to also get what you consider to be a winnable seat.

McCullough admitted that he would be considering a refund but 'hadn't got round to that' yet, his main concern was that his supporters wouldn't be able to vote for a 'clean Brexit.'

My main concern isn't my £100. It's that the constituents here don't have the opportunity to vote for a clean Brexit, but rather being saddled with the soft Brexit of Boris Johnson.

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