This man's impressions of British politicians is exactly what you need right now

A caller to LBC had host Maajid Nawaz in hysterics after doing impressions of a number of key political figures.

Adam from Luton did impersonations of Jacbob Rees-Mogg, Donald Trump, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tony Blair with a clearly delighted Nawaz asking, “Where did you come from?”

Unfortunately for the presenter, Adam admitted he couldn’t really manage Jeremy Corbyn or Jo Swinson before gamely attempting Boris Johnson and admitting he had actually once met the Prime Minister.

The clip concludes with Nawaz suggesting Adam come on the show weekly to give his take on the week’s news from the perspective of the players involved. Apparently Eleanor, the new producer, would have the final say so it remains to be seen whether such an arrangement will come to pass. Perhaps they could keep extending the deadline for the decision indefinitely as a kind of ultimate comment on the political landscape in this country.

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