Brexit Party ridiculed after launching £100-a-month club with limited benefits

Nigel Farage's Brexit Party has only been around since the start of 2019 but it already has a rather contentious history in the annuls of British politics.

The party which is reportedly registered as a company rather than a political party has previously been criticised for how it generates money, as people from all of the world can join by paying £25 via PayPal.

Now the party has launched it's very own members club which will cost anyone who wants to join just £100-a-month. That's right £100 of your own money could be going straight into Farage's pocket but what do you get for such a pricey investment?

Well, it would appear not much at all. According to their own website, which contains very limited information, the club will entitle members to 'vip access to conferences and rallies' a quarterly letter from party chairman Richard Tice, invitations to 'exclusive party events' and a 'bespoke welcome gift' which appears to be nothing more than a blue Brexit Party scarf.

Of course, nearly all major political parties have their own membership clubs which offer members the chance to have a say in how their party is being run for various fees but the Brexit Party's 'club' doesn't make any mention of individuals having that sort of involvement.

The party which already claims to have 110,000 'registered supporters' launched their club earlier this week but it has already been ridiculed on social media by people who are flabbergasted at the limited things on offer to people are willing to give them £100 a month.

HT The New European

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