Brexit Party candidate claims suspending parliament is the 'only way to regain sovereignty'

LBC Radio/The Brexit Party

With a little over two months to go until the UK is supposed to leave the European Union, the talk of a no-deal Brexit is beginning to ramp up again.

Today a report has been published which suggest that Boris Johnson will ask the Queen to suspend parliament so he can force through a no-deal Brexit.

Reports state that the government want the Queen to suspend parliament just days after MPs return to the Commons next week before reconvening on October 14.

It remains to be seen if anything like that will actually happen or whether it is all just hysteria over nothing but you can guarantee that 'no-deal' is going to be on everyone's lips for the next few weeks and it is likely to be insufferable.

Before all this kicked off there was a very odd phone call on Tuesday between Brexit Party parliamentary candidate Catherine Cui and LBC Radio presenter Shelagh Fogarty over the looming prospect of parliament being suspended.

Speaking to Fogarty, Ms Cui claimed that:

The no-deal clean Brexit is where we get our sovereignty completely. Closing down parliament is just a means to that result.

Cui's bizarre statement ignited laughter from Fogarty who couldn't quite believe what she had just heard.

In essence, Cui deemed it perfectly fine for parliament to be suspended for a no-deal as it was the only way to get our sovereignty back despite suspending parliament being, well, one of the most undemocratic things imaginable.

In response, Fogarty told Cui:

Please listen back to what you've just said when this conversation is over. You've basically just said murder is wrong, but stabbing the man so I can get out of the room is ok.

Perhaps realising that she had just put her foot in it, the candidate for Poplar and Limehouse asked if they could move on to another question to which Fogarty said no and promptly ended the phone call.

Afterwards, the broadcaster summed up their truly baffling conversation and basically said what everyone was thinking.

They are mutually exclusive. You cannot say you joined the Brexit Party in the national interest for parliamentary sovereignty and then say if the price of a no-deal is locking MPs - ie your representatives - out of parliament then so be it. You can't say that Cathering Cui, you can't say that Boris Johnson.

You can watch the full conversation in the video below:


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