Piers Morgan has an odd relationship with Brexit.

As a Remainer, you'd think he'd be using his ability to shout really loud to campaign for remaining in the EU.

Yet, due to the inadequacies of parliament and MPs failing to deliver on Brexit, Morgan has become an advocate for Brexit and even a no-deal.

As with most Brexiteers, this can often come with a few problems, such as misunderstanding information and not reading tweets properly.

On Thursday afternoon, the Good Morning Britain host retweeted journalist and CNBC news anchor Joumanna Bercetche, who shared a series of stats released by the Bank of England regarding financial growth in the UK since the start of the year.

She followed this up with another tweet which explained in further detail why there was upward growth and, in a third tweet, elaborated on how Brexit is still creating uncertainties in the financial markets and could see investments drop by 2.5 per cent.

Somehow, Morgan managed to miss this all-important third tweet and retweeted the start of the thread, claiming that 'Brexit will not wreck the economy after all'.

Oh dear, Piers.

Always read the entire thread before you decide to share it, otherwise you'll end up with proverbial egg on your face and people will happily mock you, which is exactly what has started to happen.

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