Piers Morgan owned in epic Twitter threat after claiming people voted for a no-deal Brexit

Piers Morgan owned in epic Twitter threat after claiming people voted for a no-deal Brexit

Depending on your interests there is a subsection of Twitter dedicated to whatever floats your boat but out of all of them, Brexit Twitter is a completely engrossing and all-consuming beast.

A few days ago, Piers Morgan was ranting and raving about the very subject and boldly claimed that 'no deal is actually Brexit' and that 'people voted to leave the EU, not to stay in bits of it.'

The TV presenter and journalist got roasted for it but unbeknownst to him the biggest (and we're talking big) take-down was coming to bite him right on the backside.

Not much is known about the user who goes by the name of 'Steve Analyst' but he has developed quite a following thanks to his gargantuan Brexit threads which completely decimate the argument for leaving the EU.

Analyst, if that is his real name, decided to take Morgan to task on his claim that Leave voters wanted a no-deal when they ticked leave in the 2016 referendum.

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In a 38 tweet thread (we warned you it was long) Analyst uses actual government documents, campaign leaflets, quotes from politicians and voting statistics to show that the UK didn't vote to Leave and why WTO rules were a 'worst case scenario'.

So, strap in and get ready to learn exactly why a no-deal Brexit was never and should never have been on the table.

Blimey, I think we all need a drink after that...

Whilst it is a lot to digest, people absolutely loved seeing Analyst put Morgan (who bizarrely voted to remain) and Brexiteers in their place.

Morgan didn't take kindly to Analyst laying the smackdown on him and bizarrely dragged LBC host and stanch anti-Brexit advocate James O'Brien into the argument.

By the end of it 'Mr Morgan' appeared to have seen the funny side of the situation.

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