Nigel Farage probably doesn't want you to know about the awful week he's had

Nigel Farage probably doesn't want you to know about the awful week he's had

Nigel Farage, the man everyone either loves, loves to hate or just plain hates, is at it again.

As far as weeks go, this one won’t be getting added to Nigel’s highlights reel. First, an online petition to Revoke Article 50 – and stop Brexit – went viral.

To round off the week, hundreds of thousands of people are expected to march through London to demand that Theresa May puts her final Brexit deal to the people, dwarfing the size of pro-Brexit marches.

But, to be honest, we’d be surprised if Farage had even noticed, because he’s been busy dealing with various disasters elsewhere.

Firstly, there was the humiliating spectacle of Farage’s own Brexit march, March for Leave. It was, by all accounts, a disaster.

Just look at it.


Seriously, it really was a disaster – they even got banned from the National Trust.

When the National Trust hate you, you must be pretty awful.

But the funny thing is, Nigel didn’t even turn up for most of it, which people found funny but bleak.

Anna Soubry then said what we were all thinking:

Next, the Brexit-backer got roasted for saying there were 20 million people on his march “in spirit”, rather than just the handful of people who actually turned up.

When someone finally asked him how he felt about the prospect of being outnumbered by the pro-EU Put it to The People march in London, he said:

There’s 17.4 million people here, can’t you see them?

To which everyone replied: No.

Lastly, he thought it’d be a good idea to conduct a Brexit poll on Twitter to prove a point, which went about as well you’d expect.

It looks like it's back to the day job for Nigel, by which we mean trying and failing to be elected to parliament, of course.

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