Brexit supporter called Dr Gammon claims the UK is 'at war' with the EU during speech at think tank

Brexit supporter called Dr Gammon claims the UK is 'at war' with the EU during speech at think tank

It's got to that point where Brexit is so absolutely ridiculous, it's almost become a parody of itself.

Now, an ardent Brexiteer named Dr Max Gammon - yes, we'll let that sink in, his name is literally 'Gammon' - has made a passionate speech in defence of Brexit to a conservative think tank, and people are lost for words.

Speaking to the Bruges Group, a eurosceptic think tank in Westminster, the lifelong Brexiteer and UKIP supporter said:

Brexit is presented primarily as a matter of economics rather than a struggle for the freedom from bondage! 

Bondage from a dictatorial continental oligarchy. 

We have been given a picture of a negotiation between friends, and partners. 

We are in fact at war! 

He added:

We are incapable of bringing ourselves to understand a deadly threat to our freedom, indeed a threat to our very existence as a nation.

His comments came as fellow Brexiteer, Priti Patel, also addressed the gathered audience and said that the 'hopes and dreams' of Brexiteers are 'on the brink'.

The former cabinet member added:

I think we should do more to showcase and reiterate what is wrong with the EU, we do it anyway and in fact they do it for us.

Every time when they belittle our prime minister, every time when a leader from another European country from not far away, across the water, that belittles our great country, our great nation, something which we would never do in return and yet we sit back and take it.

After a video of Gammon's speech was posted to Twitter, many people hit back at his anti-EU rhetoric.

Others couldn't get over his name. I mean, you really couldn't make it up...

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