If there’s one thing the internet isn’t short of, it’s men with no credentials dishing out “expert” advice.

If you click on the replies to tweets by most famous women, chances are there’ll be a gaggle of men desperate to put her right or "mansplain" something to her. Piers Morgan once tried to explain tennis to 50-time Grand Slam champion Martina Navratilova - we wish we were joking, but it actually happened.

This time it’s legendary TV cook and certified gay icon Nigella Lawson’s turn to be explained to by a man with no clue.

When Lawson took to Twitter to post a photo of a Christmas ham which she is about to cook for 24 hours - a recipe from one of her many books - a Twitter user felt compelled to interject.

The man said:

Love this but... Surely you mean the fridge for 24hours

To which Lawson responded:

The fridge wouldn't do a very good job of cooking it!

The exchange went viral on Twitter, with users accusing the man of "hamsplaining" to the famous chef.

If there's one moral to take from this, it's don't mess with Nigella.

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