On the day that should have seen Brexit, MPs - unlike the rest of the country - get the chance to vote for a third time on Theresa May's maligned deal.

With the prospect of Brexit fading away like Spider-Man at the end of Infinity War, it is believed that some hard-line Brexiteers, like Boris Johnson, may finally vote for the PMs deal after she declared that she would step down from her role if the deal is approved.

Yet, with the likes of the DUP stating that they cannot vote for it, along with Labour MPs and Tories likes Jacob Rees-Mogg and Mark Francois still refusing to back the deal, the prime minister is once again facing another humiliating defeat.

It's not just her opponents that are baffled as to why another vote is being held. Even her allies in the cabinet are completely clueless as to why the Commons has found itself back in this position.

In a quite astonishing piece of television, the BBC's Newsnight political editor Nick Watt revealed what one unnamed cabinet minister had told him about today's vote on the deal.

Watt said:

I said to one cabinet minister, ‘Why is the Prime Minister holding a vote when she is pretty sure she will lose?'

And using very strong language, this cabinet minister said: ‘Fuck knows. I am past caring. It is like the living dead in here.'

The clip has since gone viral overnight and people can't help but find it to be the perfect illustration of the state of Brexit in 2019.

It should be stated that today's vote does not qualify as a third attempt on the so-called 'meaningful vote' as it will not cover the UK's future relationship with the EU.

Speaker John Bercow had already said that he wouldn't allow a third vote to happen, but May has been pressured into holding this vote as it is the last day that the UK can secure a Brexit date of 22 May.

Should the vote not be secured, it would leave the UK facing the prospect of a no deal on 12 April or a much longer delay, which would force Britain to take part in the European Parliament elections.

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