In life, there’s certain things that are never going to be fun.

If you thought getting a root canal, cutting out carbs and seeing the in-laws were the absolute worst, over the last three years, the Brexit process has come to redefine the very meaning of bad.

The latest round of votes and amendments saw parliament descend into what the BBC’s political editor couldn’t even describe in words.

Theresa May’s government lost a vote on taking no-deal Brexit “off the table”. Chaos quickly ensued as May instructed her allies to instruct MPs to vote against her own amendments. In short, it was a total clusterf***.

Thankfully, though, where imminent disaster is present, memes and jokes will soon follow. Because what’s more British than finding the funny side of certain doom?

Behold, the best jokes about the latest round of Brexit-related Commons chaos.

This might not strictly be a joke, but that doesn't mean it isn't funny...

There's no prizes for guessing who everyone thinks is to blame...

So how does all of this impact Brexit? Well, in the words of Mrs May herself...

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